The Amazing Expanding Australian Whorehouse

Camperdown, Australia

The big whorehouse in this Sydney suburb is getting bigger but amazingly the whores will have to figure out how to have sex with one half of a customer.

They wanted to be allowed threesomes but the new rules say they'll only be allowed an average of one and a half customers apiece.

Brothel to expand, but with new limits - Sydney Morning News

Russia Launches New ICBM

Barents Sea

Although everybody who is anybody launched their new fall fashions weeks ago the Russians are not embarrassed to be late to lunch with their latest launch - “The Liner.”

It’s not a dramatically new textured pull-over for warm and cozy Sunday afternoons, “The Liner” is a submarine launched intercontinental ballistic missile ready willing and able to carry up to twelve warheads over 5,100 miles.

Russia tests new ballistic missile - RIA Novosti

Canadians Against Humming


They’ve had enough of it and they don’t want to hear it anymore.

Residents of Calgary’s northern suburb – Ranchlands - have been hearing a steady hum for four years and after two years of trying to find the sound’s source all they know for sure is: Where it’s not coming from.

Mysterious hum baffles experts and annoys Ranchlands residents - Calgary Herald

Bra Bridge


The Bridge - The Movie Poster Shop

In days of yore, molten ore was transported over the Monogahela River on the aptly named Hot Metal Bridge.

These days it’s a footbridge and for a week the bridge trusses are doing double-duty holding aloft 4,000 bras.

It’s a worthwhile publicity stunt for breast cancer awareness in support of Bright Pink.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - video



The girls are wearing their traditional low-cut beer girl dresses and the men are in lederhosen.

It’s beer time in the Bavarian capital.

See the photos and videos of the two week drunk at Munich’s Sued Deutsche - In German.

Vietnam's Smart and Pretty Contest


Beauty Pageant - Movie Poster Shop

It’s an egalitarian pageant for college students. Girls and Boys compete and if a boy wins he gets the pageant floral bouquet.

The grand prize is a year as national spokesperson for Dell Computers.

Coronation is December 23 at Saigon’s Military Zone 7 Stadium.

(Although the official name of Saigon is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese still call it Saigon.)

Ngoi Sao Hoc Duong seeks beautiful, talented students - Saigon Times

Iran Plans SAMs


Back in 2007 Russia promised Iran delivery of its S-300 surface-to-air missile system but so far none of the promised launchers have shown up so the Iranians plan to go it alone with what they are billing as an “upgraded version of the Russian system.”

They christened their plane killer ‘Bavar-373’ and are promoting it as a multi-tasker that will be able to launch three different kinds of missiles.

Iran designing new missile system similar to S-300 - Mehr News

Commander: Iran Developing Upgraded Version of Russian S-300 - Fars News Agency

1984 To Be Repealed - Big Brother Eases Up On Malays

Kuala Lumpur

1984 - Movie Poster Shop
It was an extra happy Malaysia Day today because on Malaysia Day Eve Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak made good on campaign promises and announced that strict laws limiting freedom of speech and assembly will be eliminated.

Among the laws to go away is the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 which requires all news presses to be annually licensed by the government. The new law will still require presses to be licensed but the licensing will be a one time event.

Also on the skids is the hated ISI’s – the Internal Security and Banishment Acts.

Malays’ freedoms will still be limited. Mass protests will not be tolerated.

Najib announces major changes in controversial laws as Malaysia Day gifts - The Star

Repeal and review of unpopular laws is widely welcomed - The Star

No more ISA - New Straits Times

Suhakam welcomes abolishment of ISA - New Straits Times

Gangster "The Russian" was an American

Sofia, Bulgaria

1984 Poster

He was the spitting image of Curly of The Three Stooges.

He was a big time dope dealer, money launderer and all around racketeer. In 2004 he was shot down in a daytime killing on the streets of Sofia.

His name was Dmitrii Minev but he was known by his gang name, Dimata Rusnaka – Dimitrii the Russian.

He was actually - Dmitrii the American.

Bulgarian Top Mobster Dubbed 'The Russian' Turns out American - Sofia News Agency

Vatican’s Secret Sex Files Demanded

The Hague

Sin against the Innocents: Sexual Abuse by Priests and the Role of the Catholic Church (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality)

The International Criminal Court has received requests by two groups to demand Pope Benedict’s Vatican hand over files concerning sexual abuse by priests that The Holy See has been hiding from public view.

Both the “Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and New York-based rights group Centre for Constitutional Rights (CCR)” have submitted the request.

'War crime' court asked to probe Vatican Belfast Telegraph

Swedish Journalists Charged with Terrorism in Ethiopian Oil Fields

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Oil fields as military objectives a feasibility study: Prepared for the Special Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on International Relations

The Chinese are drilling for oil in the disputed territory of Ogaden in southeastern Ethiopia.

The desert territory runs along the Somalian border and is the traditional home of Somali nomads.

It became part of Ethiopia during post-WWII British rule and remains an unofficial part of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government and the Ogaden National Liberation Force are at war.

In an attempt to cover the fight, two Swedish Journalists, Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye, snuck into the country and imbedded in the ONLF.

They were arrested in July and now a judge in Addis Ababa has ordered that they stand trial for terrorism under a new anti-terrorist law that criminalizes giving information about how the government fights what it declares to be terrorist organizations.

Two Ethiopians were also charged under the new law.

4 Journalists Face Terrorism Charges in Ethiopia - Nazret

Shady Deals May Cause Russian Rocket Fails


The Russian Federal Space Agency has had more than its fair share of crashes this year and today the agency’s Audit Chamber has discovered “serious financial violations” that “could have contributed to the recent failed launches.”

Space Audit Finds Major Violations - Moscow Times

Ireland's Sexy Hunky Dorys

Kilbrew, County Meath, Ireland

Irish snack food maker Largo is at it again with sexy ads for its Hunky Dorys brand "crisps" - popcorn and potato chips.

They ran the same kind of campaign last year and sales went through the roof.

They’ll do it again this year parodying the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association - an all volunteer Men’s and Women’s amateur sports organization.)

GAA silent over racy Hunky Dorys ads - Belfast Telegraph

Racy Hunky Dorys ad campaign sparks fury ahead of camogie final - Belfast Telegraph